About me

About me

Welcome, Goddess! This is a safe space where you can open up about your genuine feelings, deepest fears, and highest wishes.

On this blog, I teach you how to become who you wanted to be your whole life…

Learn how to…

  • listen to your inner voice
  • find your purpose
  • deal with anxiety and insecurities
  • recondition yourself
  • improve your self-esteem
  • and live your best life as the Goddess you are destined to be

My calling is to help you!

In my past, I failed to listen to my inner voice, whispering: “This is not your path”.

I did what I thought I was supposed to do for so long. I lost my way, stumbling upon my very own blocks. Until this voice inside me begun to scream.

So I couldn’t neglect it anymore and my awakening began.
I’m still on my journey. I will always be. But this is the start of something incredibly powerful!

If this resonates with you, I’m looking forward to getting in touch!

In case you have any questions or suggestions according to any of the topics above, feel free to comment or write an email.

10 random facts about me

  • I have the sweetest little cat in the world.
  • I’m a highly sensitive person.
  • As a child, I wanted to become a mermaid first and a witch later on. In fact, I even made a book with my own spells, potion recipes and collected “magic” artifacts.
  • I’m in love with nature, eco-friendly lifestyle, thrifting, and gardening.
  • I’m actually quite disorganized and chaotic.
  • Food and sleep are truly some of my favorite things in the whole world.
  • I actually do have a soul… In other words, I’m just a wannabe ginger. But the truth is, I wanted red hair since I was a little girl.
  • I’m an avid tea drinker. Earl Grey is my preference.
  • My zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • I love spending time alone.

Wanna get to know me even better? Read my first post ever, where I tell the story of how it all began right here!
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