BossBabe Interview Episode 5
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Boss Babe Interview Series, Episode 5: We ourselves are our true inspiration!


Welcome to another interview, where I interrogate female entrepreneurs and ask some pretty juicy questions about their businesses. I’m so excited to introduce you to Tiya today. Unbelievable, that this is already the fifth episode of my Boss Babe Interview series.

The purpose of this format is to provide some unique insights into the life of inspiring, successful businesswomen, as well as a good deal of tips and tricks on how to create your own path.

Accordingly, if you consider starting your own business or need some inspiration or help for your existing company, this series is a perfect source for you.

So let’s head into the interview and get you some great inspiration form today’s guest Tiya.

Interview with Tiya

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your business.

Hi, I am Tiya. I am a model, entrepreneur, digital nomad, and life coach among other things. My hobbies include travel, fashion, reading, and connecting with people. Having lived in many countries and having traveled all over the world, I consider myself a global citizen. 

I run a couple of non profit platforms:

‘Empowered Beauties With Brains’ and ‘Women In Business’ (I run WIB with two other ladies). Both of these platforms were created to help women in various ways.

We provide advertisement and marketing to women-owned businesses; we also provide networking, collaboration, referral, and marketing opportunities to women entrepreneurs. We organize wellness events for women to bring positivity and upliftment to their lives. We provide support, motivation, help, mentorship, coaching, training, upliftment, knowledge, and opportunities for women.

I also run a talent management agency for women and a fashion boutique. 

What are your goals? Have you already achieved them?

I have achieved some of my goals like helping and empowering women and establishing various platforms to help them in all aspects of their personal and professional lives and also my goal of working for myself, and working for the good of others rather than for monetary profit. 

The goals that I am yet to achieve are – to be able to give back to the community even more than I am doing now. I want to help both humans and animals. I would like to start an organization in the future to help homeless and abandoned animals. Also, I would like to travel the world, even more, spreading my vision and philosophy. 

Was it hard to start working on your goals? How did you get the courage to start?

It was indeed hard in the beginning. After I completed my degree in Computer Engineering, I started my career as a Systems Analyst. But I always felt that I wanted to do a lot more. So I started studying more, I did positive psychology, life coach certification, etc.

I haven’t completely stopped working in IT, I help out as a business analyst in our family IT consultancy but I am also doing all the other things I’m passionate about.

I was encouraged by my husband and parents to follow my dreams. Also, I feel, the courage to do something has to come from within, you have to tell yourself that you can do it and that the sky is the limit. 

What is your biggest challenge and how did you tackle it?

My biggest challenge is to balance all the different types of work I do and being able to compartmentalize. Sometimes I find while doing one work I am worried about something else, hence not able to concentrate.

I have tackled this by starting my day with journaling and mindful meditation to increase my focus and to be able to be in the moment without worrying about the past or the future. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Even though I am inspired by great personalities like Mother Teresa, Angela Jolie (who along with being very fashionable is a great humanitarian too), I feel we ourselves are our true inspiration.

I visualize the best version of myself, visualize bringing out the full potential in me, then strive towards that. 

What are your tips for women who want to live their purpose?

My first tip would be – pursue your dreams and passions and don’t worry about what others will think or say. It’s your life and you would be living it, others won’t be living it for you, so do what feels right to you and don’t do something just because you feel it’s acceptable to society.

Another tip is to go beyond your comfort zone. It’s hard to unlock your full potential by staying inside your comfort zone. You have to confront your fears and limiting beliefs. Think outside the box, stretch your limits, keep challenging yourself. 

Take-Home Messages

  • You have to tell yourself that you can do everything! Learn more here!
  • Start your day mindfully. Learn how to do so here!
  • We ourselves are our true inspiration.
  • Visualizing the best version of yourself is extremely powerful.
  • Do what you love, not what others expect you to do.
  • Go beyond your comfort zone!
  • Think outside the box!

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