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How to create your own path: Female Entrepreneur Interview number 3

Today I have the honor to introduce you to Amie Colosa, a web developer and designer for her own sustainable clothing brand.

Welcome to another interview, where I interrogate female entrepreneurs and ask some pretty juicy questions about their businesses.

This is the third interview of this exciting series. Read my last interview here.

The purpose of this format is to provide some unique insights into the life of inspiring, successful businesswomen, as well as a good deal of tips and tricks on how to create your own path.

Accordingly, if you consider starting your own business or need some inspiration or help for your existing company, this series is a perfect source for you.

So let’s head into the interview and get you some great inspiration, so you can create your own path soon.

print form Amie Colosa

About Amie

Amie is a designer, web developer, and maker from New York. Professionally, she helps entrepreneurs craft sustainable, custom web presences through design and code.
She’d also describe herself as a highly sensitive, multi-passionate creative. She’s passionate about living a creative and inspired life above all else. Also, she believes in the power of self-improvement and constantly working on herself to create the life she wants. Amie is especially into crafting, thrifting, upcycling and good design.


Why did you start your own business?

Working full time as a web designer and doing freelance web design & development on the side I found myself craving creating something tangible. After spending lots of time in front of a screen I needed to balance out creating digitally. I wanted something that combined my design background with my passions – (crafting, the environment) and an eco-focused handmade shop made sense! 
I need to always be creating something and without that, I don’t quite feel like myself.

Please describe your business…

Chin Up Prints offers accessible, eco-friendly hand screen-printed shirts and art with a focus on empowerment and compassion. It aims to challenge people in both how they think about clothing, as well as the world around them.
With Chin Up, I strive to stand against fast fashion and un-inspired graphic tees, through screenprinting my designs on upcycled tees and materials.
In growing the shop, I’m looking forward to what the future holds in collaborating with other small businesses who share the values of sustainability and originality.

What is your biggest challenge?

I often get discouraged in the amount of time it takes me to get a new product to fully come to fruition. Because I create everything from concept to execution and sustainably it’s a much longer process but worth it.

I often wonder if I’m doing things the hard way and should just order pre-made canvas pouches, using print-on-demand services, etc. – it’s easy to compare yourself and your vision to others and get down on yourself.


How do you tackle that challenge?

I have to be patient with myself and trust my process – I’m doing this for a reason in sticking to my values.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if anyone would even be into purchasing screen-printed designs on pre-loved tees – but I just went with it and people are a fan!

You have to go with your gut sometimes even if it’s scary and there’s no examples or framework to go off of. The worst that can happen is you adjust as you go – that’s the magic of having your own business. Create your own path and grow as you go.

What do you love the most about creating designs for your band?

That I can create things others resonate with. When someone looks at one of my tees and gets it. I love being able to evoke feelings and help empower others through what they’re wearing. Clothing and artwork are so personal and I feel truly honored whenever someone connects with it.

glow your own way and create your own path

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Nostalgia and the 90s. My feelings and emotions. Nature.

Who do you create your designs for?

People who want to stand out authentically and are passionate about self-expression. Creatives, Doers, and Changers. Those who are or want to be more conscious of the world around them.

What are your tips for women who want to start their own business?

Plan effectively, but don’t do so much planning that you’re not actually getting things out there.

Start small to build confidence and proof of concept. Once you get your products or ideas out in front of people and the internet it will force you to refine and get a better sense of your goals.

Trying to have everything meticulously set up will hold you back, just keep creating and sharing your work (even if it’s not 100% polished) and it will fall into place.

be confident and create your own path

Take home message

  • Be patient with yourself and trust the process.
  • Stick to your values.
  • Go with your gut.
  • Create your own path and grow as you go.
  • Planning is important but can hold you back if you focus on it too much. Just start somewhere.
  • Start small to build confidence and proof of concept.

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How to create your own path Interview with Amie, Designer of a small eco-friendly fashion brand


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