Four easy steps to break poor habits, starting now


When I recovered from my burnout, I had issues with one habit in particular. Namely, it was my excessive consumption of Netflix and YouTube content.

First Step: Reflect your habits and realize your issues with it

All too often, I would get up in the morning, make some tea and prepare my breakfast and then launch on the sofa for countless hours. I would get up only to use the bathroom or open my front door for my cat. I would get hungry again eventually, so I ‘d even manage to cook some lunch or dinner.

Apart from that, I would accomplish nothing at all the entire day.
While this continued for some weeks, it was a thorn in my side the whole time. I judged myself for it way too much, which prevented me from enjoying the experience at all. Often, I even watched videos that bored the shit out of me, only to avoid facing my reality.

Somewhere along the line, my inability to confront my issues initiated several other challenges. In addition to wild mood swings, my energy levels have been as low as they could get, my motivation to do something else decreased radically, and I felt quite depressed.

I wanted so desperately to escape this vicious cycle, but I didn’t know how to do so.

To summarize, the first step to break your poor habits is to realize what habits are holding you off. What aspects of it are bothering you the most? What would you do if this habit wasn’t limiting you?

Those questions helped me to sort things out and opened a whole new perspective. As soon as I noticed that I’m here on this planet for a reason, I was able to think bigger. It was the fact that I wanted to leave more behind than millions of watch hours on said streaming platforms.

Second step: Find an other habit to replace the current one with

However, this realization enabled me to dig deeper and to look into my skills and passions.

If you want some tips on how to figure out what your calling is, watch out for my next blog post. You could even subscribe to my email list to get notified as soon as it gets published.

As soon as I knew what I wanted to do with my life, things started to shift automatically.

I was so passionate about starting a blog that I invested all my time into learning how to do so. Instead of watching YouTube videos about things I don’t necessarily care about, I looked for educational content in this specific niche.

And this brings me to the third step, which is implementing what you’ve learned and starting to build your new habit.

Third step: Start to build your new habit

I was instantly so enthusiastic about it that I went from wasting my time the days before to harnessing it purposefully by learning more than I learned in months in just a few days.

It took me exactly three days to learn how to start a blog from scratch, set up and customize my website, and write two blog posts.

As a fourth and last step, you need to make sure you push your new habit through and don’t fall back into old patterns.

Fourth step: Push it through!

I highly benefitted from setting goals and structuring my weeks by calculating the average amount of time it requires me to implement my habit.

In my case, this would be the time frame for writing one blog post. Next, I thought about how many blog posts I could write in one week, without overburdening myself. Then I scheduled my week by deciding on which days I wanted to publish.

To wrap this up for you:

If you want to eat healthier, make a weekly meal plan in advance, where you decide which meals to cook each day, figure out the ingredients you need and go grocery shopping only what you need. In this way, it’s easier for you to prepare your meals. Also, having only good food in your home will prevent you from eating junk.

If you want to implement more exercise into your life, find out what your favorite sport is and on which day(s) of the week you can make time for it. Search for facilities that offer courses on those days and book one.

Usually, it takes about one month to develop a new habit that will stick. Be consistent and don’t give up. I believe in you! 🙂

Let me know If you found this advice helpful in the comments below. 😉

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How To Quit Toxic Habits - A Step By Step Guide
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  • dielilamuse

    This is a wonderful blogpost. I started to eat more healthy. But my experience is, that you start step by step. Also, as you mentioned, find alternatives for bad food. About 10 years before I trank 1,5 litre Cola per day. I needed 2 years to get away from this habit. Acutally I had to start 3 times again, because I fall back into bad habits. So, even if you fail, reconsider and start again and if needed again.

  • shedigsdeeper

    Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂 You’re absolutely right! Never give up! I also decided to avoid buying certain things like sweetened drinks, processed foods and chips. If I don’t have it at home I don’t eat it. As I started eating less sweetened foods a few years ago I slowly begun to find those products too sweet and didn’t enjoy eating them as much as before… 🙂

  • Ana

    Great points! I think it makes so much sense to look for a positive replacement for a bad habit. It’s a distraction and better substitute for your time. Thanks for sharing your experience and good luck with the blog! 😊


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